How a lasting power of attorney can save you money

A lasting power of attorney can save you money. We will deal with your LPA for a fixed fee. Prices start at just £445. Call us for further details.

It is natural to avoid thinking about the possibility that we may lose the capacity to manage our own affairs. However, while this might not be a pleasant thing to confront, it can cause additional problems, and expense, if you do not do so.

When a person loses capacity no individual has automatic authority to make financial or welfare decisions on their behalf; not even a wife or husband.

Nor is it widely appreciated that when someone loses mental capacity their bank account becomes suspended and funds cannot be released without the court’s permission. This leads to delays, financial hardship and a great deal of legal expense.

The only way to avoid these problems is to make a lasting power of attorney.

A lasting power of attorney gives you the ability to make decisions about who looks after you if and when you lose the capacity to do so yourself.

If you make a lasting power of attorney then your loved ones will not have to make an application to the Court of Protection. However, you must not leave it too late to make a lasting power of attorney.

A person must still have mental capacity to make a lasting power of attorney. It is therefore important that you contact us before capacity is lost, so that we can help you.

The cost of making a lasting power of attorney starts at just £445, with discounts available for couples.

If you would like further details of how a lasting power of attorney can save you money then please contact us today on 0808 139 1606 for a free informal chat about your options.

Author: cpl

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