Fixed Price Lasting Power of Attorney Offer

A Lasting Power of Attorney costs as little as £399 plus VAT.

Statistics recently published by the Office of the Public Guardian found that most firms charge between £450 and £1,000 plus VAT for a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Because we are experienced in the field and have lower overheads we are able to offer a LPA at a fixed price of just £399 plus VAT, whether it be a “property and financial affairs” LPA or a “health and welfare” LPA.

And if you opt for both types of LPA then we will discount our fees by a further 10%.

In addition to our costs, a one-off court fee for each Lasting Power of Attorney is payable when the LPA is registered. At the time of writing (2013) the court fee is £130 per LPA.

Our one-off fixed price LPA offer includes:-

  • Drafting the LPA forms
  • Advice on signing the LPA forms
  • Advice on the appointment of Attorneys
  • Provision of a “certificate” Arranging for Attorneys to sign LPA forms
  • Submitting forms and fees to register the LPA with the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Issuing notices to the “Persons to be Notified” that an application is being made for the LPA to be registered

To make your LPA call us now on 0808 139 1606 or email us at [email protected]