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Appointing a professional deputy

Court of Protection expert, Chris Green, looks at the role of the Professional Deputy.

If a person loses Mental Capacity and does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) in place, it may be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection for...Read More »

Court of Protection: How does marriage effect the validity of a Will?

Wills & weddings; a difficult marriage…

A recent reported case in the Court of Protection has highlighted the effect of a marriage on the validity of a Will, and the different tests that apply to capacity for certain circumstances.

In this case, a father of three Daughters in his mid-eighties had given...Read More »

Court of Protection is criticised for secrecy

The Court of Protection has been described as “shadowy” and the most secretive in Britain.

Controversy has heightened following the case of a grandmother in her 70’s who was sentenced to six months in jail by the Court of Protection. It sparked immediate demands for the publication of the Court’s ruling which one journalist said beggars...Read More »

Court of Protection jails elderly attorney

Partner, Naomi Ireson

Slee Blackwell lawyer Naomi Ireson reviews recent press reports concerning the Court of Protection.

The Court of Protection is in the news again with journalists describing the court as “shadowy” and the most secretive in Britain.

The latest controversy surrounds the case of a...Read More »

Lasting Powers of Attorney: Can an attorney be removed?

We are regularly consulted about disputes involving attorneys appointed under a Lasting Power of Attorney. One popular question is whether an attorney can be removed from office.

The Court’s powers under the Mental Capacity Act 2005

The law which regulates this area is Section 22 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This...Read More »

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