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Greater transparency in the court of protection

We specialise in Court of Protection law. You can call our free legal helpline on 0808 139 1606 and speak to one of our specialist Court of Protection lawyers.

The court of protection has launched a new pilot scheme with the aim of introducing more transparency into its workings.

Journalists as...Read More »

Removing a deputy

A recent court case has confirmed that the Court of Protection will not tolerate persistent breaches of a deputy’s accounting obligations. If you require guidance on removing a deputy then call our free legal helpline.

A deputy who was appointed to act on behalf of his 65 year old partner,...Read More »

Deferring legal costs in the Court of Protection

If you require guidance on legal costs in the Court of Protection or would like us to defer payment of our costs until funds are released then give our free legal helpline a call.

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How a lasting power of attorney can save you money

A lasting power of attorney can save you money. We will deal with your LPA for a fixed fee. Prices start at just £445. Call us for further details.

It is natural to avoid thinking about the possibility that we may lose the capacity to manage our own affairs. However,...Read More »

Appointing a litigation friend

The role of ‘litigation friend’ in the Court of Protection can be undertaken by the Official Solicitor. However, this can lead to unnecessary expense and it is is not necessary or desirable in all cases. There may be other people more suited to step in such as family members or...Read More »

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