Professional Deputy Fees

Where a solicitor acts as a Professional Deputy he is entitled to receive minimum fixed costs that are set by the Court of Protection.

If the patient’s assets exceed a certain threshold the solicitor can apply for their professional fees to be assessed by the Court if the fixed costs are insufficient.

Legal costs over and above the fixed costs limit will be assessed by the Senior Courts Costs Office. The assessment process will ensure that the solicitor only receives costs that are fair and reasonable.

The fixed costs regime applies to:-

  • Applications to the Court for a Deputyship Order
  • Annual management services
  • Preparing and lodging the annual report or annual account
  • Preparing an HMRC income tax return
  • Conveyancing fees

The legal costs of a Professional Deputy can be paid from the patient’s assets.

Where we are appointed to act as a Professional Deputy this charging structure will apply and we shall be happy to provide you with details of the charges that are likely to be incurred.

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